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Online gaming is advantageous as it can occupy the mind and avoid people especially youths from getting involved in the life threatening behavior such as drug taking and joining youth gangs. All games offer a mix of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Online gaming can also help expand and improve gaming knowledge and also experience Playing game, is a good way of having fun and developing one’s cognitive ability. People have lots of options to keep themselves entertained. Humans play games precisely because they are captivating and reward us when we succeed. After a tiring and a busy day people can enjoy online games using their internet. One of the most apparent advantage that online games bring is that, it is easily accessible than routine ones. They can go camping, shopping, play sports, watch movies on 3d theaters and even play games online.Online gaming is very popular for young generation, but not exclusively Video games also provide educational benefits such as increased skills in math, science, cooperation, and decision making. Middle-aged and older adults are also turning to casual video games as a way of keeping their brains in the best shape. Where online games have advantages it has got disadvantages too 9/30/2014 · Advantages And Disadvantages Of Playing Online Games In this modern day, entertainment is available in just one click of a button. Only by sitting in the office, home or net café people can play a variety of online games with just a few clicks. Road Accident Essay Pt3

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Americans shouldn’t be so quick to deem video games as nothing but violence causing and time consuming.. The Australian Office of the eSafety Commissioner, Think U Know UK, and the NZ organisation Netsafe all recognise that online games can help to develop teamwork, concentration, communication and problem-solving skills. The benefits of playing video games are numerous when done in moderation. .They are also an opportunity for …. “Playing brain-teasing game for just two hours a week may help slow the degree of mental decay associated with the. At least online gaming is more constructive.

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